Moving from Windows 10 to Ubuntu Linux

I've been using Windows 10 since the  anniversary update, i tried to use it since it was released but I always had issues.
Since I'm a persistent fellow, i was able to install it but I always had the feeling that i was using an unfinished, buggy and inconsistent product, something that i didn't experienced with Windows 8.
Since i'm not able to install the tons of Windows updates after a fresh Windows 8 install ( for some reason they fail to install)  i decided to try Linux. Since I don't have any experience I went the easy path with the most popular Linux distribution: Ubuntu.
Prior installation steps

Just plugged an USB hard drive and copied my personal files. Although this is a simple and basic step, sometimes we just forget it.

Download Ubuntu
Just go to Ubuntu website and download the latest LTS version. Since I'm a beginner, LTS would be the safest choice. At this moment, the latest version is 16.04.

Download Rufus
Since I have USB flash drives I prefer…

Moving from Windows 10 to Ubuntu - Conclusion

I have been trying Linux for a few weeks on my laptop and the results have been surprising.
I found a new world when it comes to operating systems with lot's of wonderful things and some bitter one's.
The initial impressions were good but after some time my experience got worse.
Starting with the user interface, although Unity has a nice look and feel I just couldn't use because I wasn't feeling productive.
There's nothing particularly wrong with it, i just don't like the default workflow that comes with it.
So I looked for alternatives and installed XFCE. Not only it was faster but it was also more familiar for me as a Windows user.
Although things were starting to go well, i started having random panel crashes. Since i couldn't figure why these problems were happening and i hadn't changed much on the system , i decided to create a usb installation drive with Xubuntu do a clean install.
Then i started noticing some new problems:
NetworkFor some weird reason my…

Why do people leave their companies

It’s a little ironic when you inform your company that you’re about to leave and management or HR staff tells you something like “You’re leaving ? I’m shocked, i wasn’t expecting that ?”. 
They may not think so but, most of times it’s obvious!
Those statements just express how much lack of attention they are paying to their resources or that there’s a big lack of communication.
There are lots of reasons for leaving a company, but the most important one’s are not financial(although money is important), are human skills related. If you work alone or as a team, eventually people will leave the company if these elements are missing on a daily bases.
This is the foundation of trust. It’s better to hear a hard truth then to stall with lies or uncertainty. People want to know what they can count on.
It’s also a sign of courage and strength in leadership.
If your team or employee is having issues, help them and support them. This is also crucial for trust. If people feel they are alon…